New Age Ninjas


Ever been walking down a dark street, feeling a little skeeved out, wishing you had the super power to blend into your surroundings and evade danger? Thanks to the latest in a long line of brilliantly bizarre Japanese inventions, now you can. Designer Aya Tsukioka’s line of safety-minded clothing includes a bag that looks like a manhole cover and a skirt that transforms into a full-sized replica of a vending machine so someone can hide inside.

Though we all want super powers sometimes, the urge to be an urban chameleon grows out of a particularly Japanese sentiment, the New York Times reports:

While Americans want to protect themselves from criminals, or even strike back, the creators say manyjap_02.jpg Japanese favor camouflage and deception, reflecting a culture that abhors self-assertion, even in self-defense.

“It is just easier for Japanese to hide,” Ms. Tsukioka said. “Making a scene would be too embarrassing.” She said her vending machine disguise was inspired by a trick used by the ancient ninja, who cloaked themselves in black blankets at night.

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