From Poland, With Love


Fan MailWe regularly get interesting e-mails from overseas, but this one has our curiosity piqued. Aro Biernacki wrote to us from Poland with this little gem:

“hi! nice to inform You we, in Poland, create a blog about Playgirl at web… You can find men ready to show their bodies and also women who like the magazine. Hot greetings from Poland _)”

Yessssss! Check it.

4 Responses to “From Poland, With Love”

  1. this website has been blocked
    there is a new one
    here you can see the hunks
    some of them will be featured at real men section soon on May
    the others are waiting…..

  2. new pictures, new hunks from Poland
    all of them ready to undress
    Ladies, which one you want to see naked šŸ™‚

  3. Hi my name is Sebastian. My friend from Poland Aro Biernacki show me that site because I am intresting about modeling in future. It’s my site Greeting’s for all

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