In Love With Stuff


Love ToyTurns out people really can love inanimate objects, and we’re not talking fetishism. Volkmar Sigusch, a renowned German sexologist, told Der Spiegel in May 2007 that folks can create intimate affairs with straight-up objects, as demonstrated by Frank Thadeusz, Der Spiegel‘s intrepid reporter who found a woman who married the Berlin Wall, another wildly in love with the now-decimated Twin Towers in New York, N.Y., and a man who, at 12, fell “into an emotionally and physically very complex and deep relationship, which lasted for years” with a Hammond organ (that man is now in a years-long love affair with a steam locomotive). Sigusch calls this evidence of society’s neo-sexuality. We say, as long as the sex is safe…

One Response to “In Love With Stuff”

  1. oh man! i COMPLETELY agree. i am deeply, madly, insomnia-causing in love with one of my shirts. and i dont care what anyone says: when i look in the mirror wearing said shirt, i know it loves me back…perhaps even more than i do it.


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