A Little Kitty For Your Kitty


Sanrio (the company behind the ubiquitous Hello Kitty empire) has recently rereleased the Hello Kitty shoulder massager after nearly decade of absence. This quirky little gem from the East is designed to ease aching shoulder muscles while overloading you with the adorable image of everyone’s favorite white fluff ball. However, supposedly unbeknownst to the folks behind this gadget, little Miss Kitty gets two bangs for the buck.

But, as your imagination can confirm, this little kitty ditty is often used as the cutest vibrator on the market. (Standing by their wholesome image, the Vice President of Sanrio claims to have no idea what her other use her precious icon might have.) It wasn’t long before her double-duty caught on, and soon she was smiling from the shelves of almost every sex shops across the land. When her decade-long absence sent vibrator enthusiasts in a tizzy, her value skyrocketed on ebay. Now, thanks to Sanrio’s new licensing agreement, you can once again, ease those, uh, aching shoulders without sacrificing your need for absolute in cute.

One Response to “A Little Kitty For Your Kitty”

  1. 1 Cat Krazy

    That’s it I’m going on a shopping spree. One in every color.

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