Random Awesomeness: Jesus Light Switch


Jesus Switch


Not sure who in his or her right mind designs something like this by accident. Kind of a piss-poor product design, no? Not the kind of thing you’d expect to find in a church gift shop.

Unless of course the unintentional pornographic aspect of this is, in fact, intentional… In which case, it’s extra inappropriate.

But still. Take note of the “Honor thy father and mother” line just above Jesus’ “switch” and try not to cringe. And what are those kids looking at?

Even us Playgirls have decency standards.

Sort of.

27 Responses to “Random Awesomeness: Jesus Light Switch”

  1. 1 Travis

    Where can I buy one?

    • 2 Other Travis

      Did you ever find out where to buy one? I’ve searched high and low.

      • 3 Frida

        me too me too, where can I buy this gem!

  2. 4 Leo

    forgive me father… for I am turning you off.

  3. Oh my God, that’s freaking hilarious!!!

  4. 6 Susan

    Ha Ha Ha.. Thanks, Leo for my first laugh out loud of the day!!!!!!!!

  5. 7 boobiebob

    Hi! Nice pics….

  6. 9 Tasmaniac

    Flick the switch & see the light
    Behold you will see the “Power” of the Lord
    God said, Let there be light
    Is this how one switches religion

  7. Ever heard the country song about the plastic Jesus on the car dashboard ? Not pornographic but still very funny.

    Typical line ‘Goin’ ninety, it ain’t scary, long as I got the Virgin Mary …. sittin’ on the dashboard of my car.’

    Tasteful isn’t really part of the formula for this kind of stuff.

  8. actually the best thing ever. i want 😉

  9. 12 leelee

    This is possibly the best thing I’ve ever friggin’ seen.

  10. 13 iheartthirty


  11. 14 Liza


  12. Question from a cynic: Was this designed and sold by a Christian business, or was it made as an anti-religion joke item?

    Reminds me of these stuff by Archie McPhee:


  13. In particular, these items:


    ‘Patron Saint of Bacon’ lol.

  14. Not that church artists are immune to making well-meaning blunders like the ones of Rotten.com


  15. Disgusting……not respect even children even religion….

  16. 19 TzG

    “i have more sex appeal than you. so much that even god gets horny when he sees me. he wants to do me.”

    “i bet you a thousand you can’t get god off.”

    *turns off switch*


  17. 20 Frank

    As if having sex wasn’t fun.

  18. If you want one of these, I’m putting mine up for auction soon at http://www.ifitfeelslikemorethantwofingersitsprobablyadick.com
    They’re pretty rare.

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