Newest Outlet For Your Skills


stripper poleHave all those pole-dancing classes got you feeling like a million bucks? A new Web site,, invites stripping extraordinaires to strut their stuff for an Internet-based audience who will shamelessly judge performances.

At YouStrip, broads of every stripe and all over the world disrobe so you can rate them on their skills. Kind of a HotorNot for the especially lecherous.

The site claims to be harkening back to ancient Sumer or Babylon, and providing women with a forum in which to be confident and in control of their sexiness; but I sense a much stronger “Bada-Bing” type vibe than I do a “Dance of the Seven Veils.”

One Response to “Newest Outlet For Your Skills”

  1. 1 ekaterina daphkuniate

    well it seems to be free and loads of fun, i’m sure many of the visitors are women rather than men. very nice design and it seems just topless so thats goos news!

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