Observing the Vibrating Ring


ring.jpgTrend authority The New York Observer hit the trenches this week to get the scoop on the Trojan vibrating ring. In the process, they managed to dorkify the whole (brilliant) idea of a sex toy you can buy at Duane Reade. The grandma-conjuring fake names of the sources – “Eleanor,” “Harriet” and “Penelope” – had something to do with it… as did this cringey exchange when Harriet explains the device to her friend:

“Oh, my God, oh, my God,” she shrieked on the street when they met. “Have you ever heard about the vibrating ring? It’s a little a ring that goes on the penis and at the top there’s a tiny little vibrator and when you’re having sex it touches right on your clitoris and it’s amaaazing.”

Her friend, also 31, who works in fashion, was confused. “You mean a cock ring?”

Weigh in, playgirls: Have you put the vibrating ring to the test yet? Did it pass?

One Response to “Observing the Vibrating Ring”

  1. 1 Mosaka

    Good in theory..bu doesn’t live up to expectations 😦

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