Desperate for Dirty Talk


TelephoneWhat’s cheaper than calling an erotic (900) number, but offers the same end result? Calling a toll-free directory assistance line and turning it into a fantasy-come-to-life.

Some tweaked-out dude in Japan was arrested in Tokyo the other day on charges of obstructing the business of NTT Solco, a service operator (part of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone), when it was discovered he allegedly called directory assistance “thousands of times because he liked to be scolded by operators,” Jiji Press News reported.

Takahiro Fujinuma—37, and shockingly single and unemployed—apparently whispered “darling” as he attempted to facilitate conversations with lady operators. A police spokesman said Fujinuma placed 2,600 calls to directory help over the course of five months. Other media outlets reported the weirdo may have started his little hobby as far back as 2004.

Fujinuma allegedly told cops he was lonely, but told Jiji Press “I would go into ecstasy when a lady scolded me.”

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