Tickled Pickle


pickle.jpgNot at all sexy, but for some reason I’m obsessed with this product. Frozen pickle pops are allegedly all the rage in Texas (which, I’ll submit, to New Yorkers may as well be Estonia or Bali) and, really, how can you argue with a mascot like Pickle Sickle Bob over here? Seems pickles (vinegar, in particular) may have the benefit of curbing blood sugar spikes, giving them more than decorative value for diabetics and kids who breakfasted on Sugar Smacks. And now you can eat them in the form of popsicles. Welcome to the future.

UPDATE: Last night I walked into a bar in Brooklyn and there was a special on pickletinis. That’s a dirty martini using pickle juice instead of olive to you. Pickles are the new cupcakes. You heard it here first.

One Response to “Tickled Pickle”

  1. 1 Pickle Mania Kid

    Word has it they are working on a Jalapeno Pickle Sickle. Hot and icy. Sounds like these guys are really onto something here.

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