Ben Andrews/Playgirl Controversy: Is He or Isn’t He?!



Ben Andrews

There’s already a bit of a buzz surrounding our April issue, which hits news stands Feb. 19. In the magazine, we have a featured pictorial of some really hot dudes kicking it beach-side. Among the group is one Ben Andrews, a brave new face in the world of porn made famous by his ENORMOUS man-parts.

The controversy begins and ends with the simple question of whether Mr. Andrews likes the boys or girls. We say, can’t we all just get along? So he told us in his interview he likes perky tits. So what! Yeah, he’s done some gay porn films. This is the 00’s, baby. No need for a specifically straight or gay alliance. Not when you’re packing heat like Ben is: There’s plenty to go around!

Playgirl promotes equal-opportunity banging. We always will. Free love never felt so damn good. We love you, Ben!

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