Getting Buzzy


orgasmatron.gifElectricity was discovered accidentally, and so to, at long last, the Orgasmatron. Dr. Stuart Meloy, a North Carolina anesthesiologist and pain specialist was treating a patient’s leg pain with electrodes in her spine when the woman had a spontaneous orgasm.

“The patient suddenly let out something between a shriek and moan.”… Asked what was wrong, she replied, “You’ll have to teach my husband how to do that.”

Fast forward 10 years – Meloy has experimented with the technology and finally trademarked a device that seems to have the same effect. Basically it seems that strategically placed electrodes stimulate the nerve networks that connect the pelvis and the pleasure-processing center of the brain. The Orgasmatron will consist of “An experimental implant that rests on the skin just above the belt line. Two electrodes snake into the space between the vertebrae and the spinal cord. A video-game-like remote control allows women (or their partners) to turn electrical pulses on and off and fiddle with timing and intensity.”

Don’t hold your breath just yet. The invention still has to go through another study before the FDA approval process, which could take a few years. They’re also working on designing it so that the price tag comes in around $12,000. Rabbit Habit this ain’t. But for women who’ve lost orgasmic ability – or rich dudes who like to feel like they can rule the world with the push of a button – it sounds like it’ll be a worthy investment. [LA Times]

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