Asinine Files: School Pulls ‘Gay’ Penguin Book


gay-penguins.jpgAnother edition of the Asinine Files. To be honest, we could probably dedicate fifty blogs to this category alone, but I digress.

Louden County, Va. elementary Schools, a children’s book about penguins was recently pulled from shleves. The award-winner entitled “And Tango Makes Three” tells the TRUE story of two male Penguins in the Central Park Zoo who raised an egg together. A concerned parent at Sugarland Elementary in Sterling griped about the book to the principal, who then deemed it inappropriate for children. When the same parent then appealed the decision, a district committee ruled it was acceptable for general circulation. Superintendent Edgar Hatrick III had final say, though, and, like the fool he is obviously is, decided to override the decision.

Oh please. Male penguins teaming up to care for another pair’s egg is offensive to elementary children? Yeah, so it prime time television. I’ll tell you what’s offensive: ignorant douche bags that can’t understand that a book about compassion and love is appropriate for ALL ages, no matter if it’s penguins, seahorses or human beings. These people need to get laid more. -Robbie I.

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