Big Brother 9 – No shame (thankfully)



On last night’s episode of Big Brother, Nat and her partner Matt got all kinds of nasty for the American viewing public. As seen in the video, Nat has no shame in her game, and decided to blow Matt right there on TV! Listen oh-so-closely for the delicious sound effects. When she was done with his man knob, Matt then made Nat promise not to tell anyone – except for the entire country that just so happened to be sitting, mouth agape, in front of their glorious HD screens.
“Hi mom! Hi Dad! Hi Grandma & Grandpa! I have a secret! I sucked dear Matt’s cock. Oh, you knew? Gee, now I’m embarrased!” Whatever. This show is prime time GOLD! I watch it in one-minute intervals, and feel fulfilled each and every time. Thursdays were made for CBS. Carry, on Nat. We still dig ya! We don’t care what they say!

-Robbie I.

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