Big Brother 9 – James is a Dirty Bird


bb9_james_240.jpgWant to see that mohawked rascal James from Big Brother 9 get his junk all wet? Want no more, dear readers. It was revealed all over the blog world today that James was in yet another gay porn, but this time he gets his knob slobbed! No, it’s not by a member of Big Brother 9’s cast, unfortunately, but some random young twink.
This season James is paired up with a girl (Chelsia), but he should be on the boy/boy side of the playing field. The reason being is that he doesn’t admit to being gay. But maybe now with the cat (or rather, big penis) out of the bag, he’ll at least admit to being gay for pay? We’ll have to tune in to this junk food soap opera from hell to find out.

This is way more perfect that the solo he performed in, isn’t it?
This guy is a flailing mess, and we love it.

-Robbie I.

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