Dispatches From the Meat Market


stripper-fronts.jpgThe world’s first vegan strip club opened in—where else—Portland, Oregon earlier this month. Reports seem to have assuaged fears that the strippers will be of the hairy hippie variety. The Casa Diablo Gentlemen’s Club is merely owned by a vegan; there’s no stipulations, yet, on the dietary habits of the dancers. Owner Johnny Diablo, does, however, plan to advance his vegan agenda by serving unsuspecting customers vegan quesadillas while they’re distracted by boobs.

“(It’s) vixens, not veal, and sizzle, not steak,” Diablo said. “We put the meat on the pole, not on the plate.”


One Response to “Dispatches From the Meat Market”

  1. 1 Punane

    the word ASSUAGED kind of looks like the word SAUSAGE. Hilarious in a vegan stripper post. Eat it.

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