Or rent a Life Instead…


dil.jpgI’m filing this, for the sake of my sanity, in the category of “digital jokes by hilarious pranksters with impressive amounts of time on their hands.” There is just no way Rent-a-Dildo can be a viable company. I mean, a Netflix for sex toys sounds like an amazing idea…for less than the one second it takes an involuntary retching reaction to set in when you start considering the implications of filling your orifices with plastic devices an infinite number of strangers have also filled their orifices with. Period. No matter what “patent-pending process for thoroughly cleaning each toy” is involved.

And while I have to admit a “try-out period” would be convenient for larger price-tag items—because nothing sucks more than dropping half a pay check on a device that’s just not worth its girth—this doesn’t even seem all that economical. For $19 you could BUY a dildo every month, and keep it forever. Or you could save up and by a really good one every couple of months. I’m sorry but my rational brain just cannot compute. For heaven’s sake, please let us do the dirty work and stick with reading Orgasm Addict, our sex toy review column, and let’s all forget we ever saw this. [via Jezebel]

One Response to “Or rent a Life Instead…”

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