Go Greek!


kangaroo_contour.pngToday’s random sex factoid is in direct conflict with the general assumption around the Playgirl mansion that Australians are the Hottest People on Earth. Turns out they’re among the least-sexed people on the planet, according to a Durex Sexual Wellbeing study, which ranks the percent of people in each country who report having sex on a weekly basis. Then again, maybe our judgment is skewed because Americans rank even lower on the list, along with the Nigerians and the Japanese. So, if down under is out, where to plan your next vacation? 87 percent of Greeks surveyed had sex weekly, followed by Brazilians at 82 percent and Russians (blame the perpetual winter) at 80 percent.

One Response to “Go Greek!”

  1. 1 Gen8X Magazine : Short Sex is Best

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