products-4.jpgIn an effort to make condom-buying a more comfortable and appealing experience for young women, Planned Parenthood has unveiled a chic, boutiquey line of latex called Proper Attire. (Witty tagline: “Required for Entry.”) The idea being, of course, that burly brands like Trojan (sneaky battle analogy), Rough Riders (motorcyle fantasy), or Wet ‘n Wild (just…pure class) are marketed to men, and that its time to encourage women to take matters into their own hands. Appealing to rationality isn’t enough, so it’s time to appeal to fashionality:

Old stereotypes about who should buy condoms are so last season! PROPER ATTIRETM condoms are the “must-have” accessory this season and were designed with sexually active, stylish women in mind.

Hey, whatever it takes. For now you’ll have to visit Planned Parenthood or a W Hotel boutique to get your hands on some. Stock up for your little sister and your architect friends while you’re there! [Chicago Tribune]

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