Giant Squid Do It Deeper


Giant SquidOn the discovery of a pair of giant, cum-filled, male squids who washed up on a beach in Spain, scientists suggested the creatures “accidentally inseminated themselves during ‘violent’ lovemaking sessions with females or [had] been inseminated by other males.

The scientists claim their knowledge of the deep-sea creature is fragmented and they know little about the reproduction practices of the invertebrate (no one, apparently, has ever seen the giant squid mate)—although they do point out the female is two times as big as the male.

No offense to marine science, but we think they’ve got it all wrong. These rubbery, ink-filled sex maniacs have just discovered the concept of a sex party.—Rachel Brook

2 Responses to “Giant Squid Do It Deeper”

  1. OMG, that’s really scary!!!

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