Studies That Make You Say ‘Yuh’


this.jpgToday’s news made us say “yeah!” and “duh!” at exactly the same time. And then just laugh at how newspapers spin kind of boring stories with tantalizing headlines like “Doing chores improves sex life.”

A study by the Council of Contemporary Families has found that “Men have doubled the amount of housework they do, spend three times more time with their kids than they did 50 years ago, and have happier wives and more solid marriages because of it.”

That’s the “yeah” part, though it’s an abbreviated “yeah” since it’s quickly noted that “men are still only doing half as much as women do.” Still, it’s good news especially since psychologists say that everyone’s sex lives are improving because of it: “Wives report greater feelings of sexual interest and affection for husbands who participate in housework.”

But let’s be clear: this isn’t an excuse for dudes to pat themselves on the back and drop their drawers. It’s not (necessarily) that we get turned on watching your muscles ripple as you lift trash bags into the dumpster (or, as it goes in my house, clean up the cat puke on the kitchen floor). This is where the “duh” comes in: more equal, respectful relationships are obviously more sexually fulfilling for women; not just because it means we’re (slightly) less tired at the end of the day but because equal, respectful relationships are hot!

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