If They Only Knew…


ObamaIn what was meant as a spoof piece on Barack Obama appearing in Playgirl, TheSpoof.com had this to say:

In order to increase support for his waning presidential candidacy and to attract more gay and female voters, Senator Barack Obama has agreed to pose nude for Playgirl magazine.

“Political strategists suggest that although Obama has the majority of the black vote, Hillary Clinton has been garnering most of the female and homosexual voters.

“‘I know many women and gay men have been anxious to know what I look like naked,’ Obama said a a press conference outside Playgirl Headquarters this afternoon. ‘Therefore, I have decided to show the American people that I have nothing to hide.’
“Michele Zipp, Playgirl‘s editor-in-chief, said she is looking forward to working with Senator Obama. ‘He’s a total beefcake,’ she said in an interview. ‘I’m sliding off my chair just thinking about him!’

Besides naming a former E-in-C instead of the current one, and the whole full-frontal thing, the article is actually partially true—but you’ll have to wait for our June issue to find out why.

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