How in the…?


trannyPoor, poor Jennifer Jack; who recently discovered her ex-husband, Andrew Mireles (to whom she was married for seven years) is actually a transgendered female still in possession of all-girl parts, reported.

So that explains the strange bedroom behavior! A judge recently ruled to allow an annulment of the union in light of this recent and grossly overlooked tidbit.

Here’s the best part: Jennifer found out Andrew’s little secret while looking through an old yearbook that shows the ex-hubby as a chick. That’s how you find out your ex-husband’s a woman? Not by the fact you never actually fucked in seven years? Not that you never once saw your husband’s penis?

And so, there’s now a custody fight over the ex-pair’s two kids: one fathered by another man before the marriage, and the other conceived by artificial insemination. Holy shit, people.

One Response to “How in the…?”

  1. 1 Miss Mason

    Really – what can you say about this? and here I thought I’d heard it all…

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