Playgirl’s Radio Interview


pglogo_black.jpgCheck it, ladies. Everything you ever wanted to know about the inner workings of Playgirl, brought to you by—what else?—Domestic Bliss Radio.

5 Responses to “Playgirl’s Radio Interview”

  1. 1 playgirl

    From Playgirl letters via e-mail:
    I just felt compelled to email you,after listening to your radio show. As a mom,i loved the show,it was exciting and informative. I have read your magazine in the past,now I will be a fan forever. The host had such a sexy and strong voice by the way,that piqued my interest in the show. Thank you again,for such a fun day !!!! —Mary Monrowe

  2. Listened to the show and I totally agree that it was interesting. I also totally agree that the anchor has a sexy voice!!! I love playboy/playgirl I guess I just like naked people! lol If your interested look me up on myspace!!

    Can’t wait for the next show!!!

    Peace & Love, Amber

  3. 3 Shannon Simmons

    I loved the show.

    I almost died hearing that soft sexy voice.

    Playgirl needs a show like this every week !!!

    And lets get the host unwrapped in Playgirl,please !!!!

  4. 4 Cassandra

    I loved the radio show,and will search for hot guys here on campus.

    I hope you get the NY Govenor to pose,talk about a political contribution !!!

  5. 5 Rebecca

    I came across your show,through this blog.

    You ladies kick ass,I was impressed with how a guy doing a show,gave us women our forum to speak !!!!

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