Today in Alarmist Headlines


Oral Sex And Pot Linked To Cancer

So, researchers at Johns Hopkins University found connections between certain head and neck cancers and sexual activity, marijuana use, and a strain of HPV (16). But, paranoid potsmokers of the world, don’t flip out. Buried deep’s report is the note that “Because the study was observational, it’s not clear if those risk factors caused cancer.” [Observational studies, Wikipedia will tell you, “are very much like controlled experiments except that they lack probabilistic equivalency between groups.” The results po.jpgof such studies “are considered much less convincing than those of designed experiments, as they are much more prone to selection bias.”]

So basically, while there may be connections between such factors and existing instances of cancer, this shouldn’t be interpreted as meaning that YOU’RE MORE LIKELY to get cancer from indulging in your favorite oral vices. (Not to say that you shouldn’t exercise reasonable precautions.)

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