Secret Sluices of His Juices


auden_cigarette.jpgHoly crap. Where was this anthology back in 10th-grade English? The Best American Erotic Poems, edited by David Lehman, compiles dirtier works from poets we formerly thought…well, little about. reprints a choice specimen from W.H. Auden called “The Platonic Blow” that was too racy to be quoted in the New York Times’ Book Review. A taste:

I plunged with a rhythmical lunge steady and slow,
And at every stroke made a corkscrew roll with my tongue.
His soul reeled in the feeling. He whimpered “Oh!”
As I tongued and squeezed and rolled and tickled and swung.

Then I pressed on the spot where the groin is joined to the cock,
Slipped a finger into his arse and massaged him from inside.
The secret sluices of his juices began to unlock.
He melted into what he felt. “O Jesus!” he cried.

Read the whole thing here. Unless your boss has the eyes of a hawk, its SFW because it’ll just look like you’re reading internet poetry, not internet poetry porn.

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