He Said, She Said


McGreevey 3-wayIt’s time to air out some more dirty laundry.

As if the recent scandal with Eliot Spitzer wasn’t enough, now we have Teddy Pedersen (Jim McGreevey’s former aide and driver) claiming he was involved in trysts with the former governor and his wife, Dina Matos McGreevey.

She has denied this.

CNN issued a statement from Pedersen saying, “Me being part of their sexual relationship enhanced it for both of them.” He further explained how the trio would share hotel rooms frequently, during business trips. How romantic.

Matos McGreevey claims these allegations are due to recent publicity she received from an appearance on “Larry King Live”, in which she discussed wives in politics.

Jim McGreevey confirmed Pedersen’s allegations Monday. Additionally, Pedersen told the New York Post, “Dina is still in denial. It’s time for her to face the truth.” Well, now it’s two against one.—Jillian Rios

5 Responses to “He Said, She Said”

  1. 1 Stacy

    I love the way this article was written!

  2. 2 Cynthia

    The McGreevey’s couldn’t take Spitzer’s scandal taking the limelight away from them. Poor kid that’s a product of this dysfunctional couple.

  3. 3 Janey

    She needs to fess up! Like Jillian said, it’s two against one now. hellooo.. politics & sex.. what’s one without the other lately? lol..

  4. 4 Lara

    It’s hard to know who’s telling the truth when it’s 2-to-1. I just hate that people who are trying to “come clean” have to bring others down with them.

  5. 5 Janelle

    The thing about people that lead double lives is that you never know when they are telling the truth. Once discovered, their credibility is pretty much out the window no matter what they say. Let’s put them all on that TV show “Moment of Truth” and see what happens! hahaha.

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