Prepping Pandas for Good Lovin’


pandaWhy are pandas being made to walk on their hind legs?

To prevent extinction, of course!

The Panda Breeding and Research Centre has implemented the “sexercise” routine to strengthen their hip and pelvic muscles. This, in turn, increases stamina and prepares them for a good romp in the sack!

Unfortunately, pandas have very low sex drives so new techniques are being used to try to encourage these virtually sexless animals. One of these include pornos for pandas, in which they get to watch pandas have sex on tape or live in color. According to the reserve’s deputy chief, Fei Lisong, the live show “does work”.

However unconventional their techniques, they must be doing something right. More pandas in the Chengdhu research facility can have sex naturally (more than 30 percent), in comparison to just 10 years ago. Keep up the good work, pandas!
—Jillian Rios

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