Hypocrites in the News


video storeThere has been so much irony in the news these past few months, it could make a Playgirl’s head spin. Before Spitzer was busted for his involvement in prostitution rings, the Salt Lake Tribune reported on a man named Daniel Thompson, 31.

Sex and violence in the movies offended Thomspon so much that he decided to open up his own video store, Clean Flix, in which he had removed scenes that were deemed inappropriate for minors (even PG-13 rated films!).

After Clean Flix was court-ordered to shut down (due to copyright infringement) he was arrested on a suspicion of having sex with two 14-year old girls. Thompson claimed he was unaware of their age.

According to booking statements, Thompson told the teenagers Clean Flix was a cover for a pornography studio. Upon searching the business, police found a large collection of pornos, a beer keg and painkillers.

…and isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?

—Jillian Rios

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