Happy Birthday Babeland!


sas.jpgAdult-toy retailer Babeland celebrates its Quinceanera this year; to commemorate the occasion, the store compiled a list of its top-15 sex toys of all time. The “All-Stars” include an upgrade of the original Rabbit, the classic Pocket Rocket, the Hitachi Magic Wand made famous by Samantha on “Sex and the City”, and a rubber ducky perfect for a scintillating bath time. Aside from vibrators, the list also includes a harness/ dildo combo and under-the-bed restraints.

The SaSi, which will be released in late April, also looks pretty exciting. With an iPod-like interface, this toy is the first that will remember what makes you tickle and squirm for next time.

One Response to “Happy Birthday Babeland!”

  1. Not that I’m whoring for publicity or anything, but if the SaSi has an iPod like interface, does that mean I can donate an MP3 of one of my songs to accompany the, um, performance? We already sent you guys some CDs, some lovely photos of me, and lovely Fiskum T shirts, but I guess the photos were submitted too late for the humor issue. But maybe my MP3 coupled with a Personal Stimulation Device (so to speak) could be a marketing breakthrough. Did I hear someone say “Yes…, oh God… Yes, Yes”?


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