‘You are NOT the Father!’


2675.jpgWho needs “Maury” when you can determine your child’s paternity in the privacy of your own home? Simply order Identigene’s DIY paternity test online (or brave your local Rite Aid or Meijer), swab the inside of the child’s and alleged father’s cheek, send it off to the lab, and receive (99.99-percent accurate) results in less than a week!

Unless you slept with, like, 167 men in one month, in which case, at $150 a pop, this could get pricey, this could be a great way to spare you the mortification of airing your dirty laundry on national television. But for those who can’t afford to shell out for testing numerous potential poppas, I hear you get a free plane ticket out of paying Maury a visit. [Thrillist]

2 Responses to “‘You are NOT the Father!’”

  1. 1 Tanya

    All I have to this is Wooowwww!!!!! If you have to do it in your own privacy of your home… I am thinking maybe you should be buying condoms more often! Instead of this paternity test kit..
    what is this world coming too????

    I guess the Maury show will be canceled soon… sorry Maury we still we love you….

  2. 2 latosha

    Wow that’s crazy! I actually just read about home paternity test. That’s crazy. What has this world come to…that so many people don’t know who they baby daddyis.

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