Shady Ladies: 1


map_italy.jpgShoes, booze, hot dudes, could Italy be anymore awesome? Actually it just could be, especially if you happen to be an adulterous female tied up in a police investigation. This month Italy’s highest appeals court “ruled that it is not illegal for a woman to lie in a police investigation if the reason is to cover up her adulterous affair.  Court of Cassation judges said that her honor is more important than providing intimate information about her lover.”

Puzzling though this ruling may be from a country that’s more Catholic than your grandmother and from a court “which is largely staffed by elderly male appeal judges,” it’s not the weirdest judgement this particular posse ever passed. These are the same guys who ruled in 1999 that a woman wearing tight jeans by definition could not be raped, since tight jeans are hard to get off. This ruling was overturned after a stern slap upside the head from women’s groups. [BBC via News of the Weird]

One Response to “Shady Ladies: 1”

  1. Dear Playgirl–

    I don’t think this ruling is all that puzzling. I mean, maybe one of the elderly male appeal judges referenced in the article is actually the guy the adulterous woman is trying to protect. I’d at least consider it a possibile explanation.

    Did I mention I write songs?


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