Muskrat Susie, Muskrat Sam…




Sorry Captain & Tennille…there ain’t no muskrat love here. Two hopeful contestants from the Miss Outdoors 2008 pageant skinned muskrats onstage in Maryland’s Eastern Shore festival last month. The festival holds two separate contests: the beauty pageant and the muskrat-skinning contest. There’s nothing odd to the locals about the beauty and skinning contests accompanying each other. It’s been done for 54 years.

While Dakota Abbott, 16, won the skinning portion, Samantha Phillips, 17, chose to butcher her rodent for the talent competition. “You want to take take your knuckles and separate the meat from the hide, just like this,” Phillips told the judges, while demonstrating with her hand in the muskrat. Ew.

Apparently, muskrat-skinning hasn’t been as popular as it was years ago. Rhonda Aaron, winner of previous skinning competitions, thinks she knows why: “I have to go in and soak my hands in bleach every night to get the blood out of my fingernails.” Double ew.—Jillian Rios

4 Responses to “Muskrat Susie, Muskrat Sam…”

  1. 1 Drew Torres

    You rock Jilly!!!

  2. 2 Tanya

    hmmm… wow…. We live in a demented world… soak her hands in bleach… whoa whoaaaaa….

    Ayo.. weirdo STOP joining the muskrat-skinning contest. gross..

    Any how… any one up some for some great American Apple PIE!!!! I’m sure these festivals have great Apple pie…

    Would you like some pieeee??

  3. 3 janey

    TOO gross..

  4. 4 Yvonne

    Mmmmm makes me hungry for some good ol’ fashion southern cooking…
    Anyway care for some Muskrat Soup ….

    Muskrat Soup

    1 Muskrat
    Rich milk
    3 Hard boiled eggs
    1 tb Dry mustard
    1 tb Flour
    Black and cayenne pepper and salt

    Covered prepared (musk removed and thoroughly washed) with water in a pot with cover, and cook slowly until tender, adding water if needed. Cool and take meat from bones and cut into small pieces with scissors (it is important to use scissors). Save the pot liquor and add an equal quantity of rich milk. Mash egg yolks, add mustard and flour and stir liquid into it. Season to taste with black and cayenne pepper and salt. Chop egg whitess and, with the meat add to soup after it has boiled. Seve very hot. Sherry may be added at the table or before.

    Titi. Yvonne

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