Follow Your Nose


toucansam.jpgScientists studying “gaydar” (see, other people have jobs as awesome as ours) have uncovered its biological roots. Based on experiments in which fearless volunteers sniffed underarm sweat from people of various genders and orientations, it seems that gaydar is a sense that resides in the nose.

“Gay men strongly preferred the odor of other gay men, lesbians gravitated toward the smell of other lesbians, and straight women rated the odor of straight men higher than that of gay men. Each group, in short, preferred the smell of their first-choice mates, indicating a scent-based ability to assess sexual orientation.”  Meanwhile in Sweden, scientists identified a key part of the “scent-driven signaling mechanism that attracts gay men to each other”—a steroid compound found in men’s sweat which the brains of gay men but not the brains of straight men. [Psychology Today]

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