UPDATE: Pregnant Man on Oprah


preg man


Not since Arnold in Junior have we seen a pregnant man!

Yesterday, pregnant “man” Thomas Beaty, who we recently reported on as being the first dude in real life we’ve heard of getting preggie, appeared on Oprah for an exclusive interview. The former Miss Teen Hawaii revealed he “found himself” in his 20s. It was then he decided to have his breasts surgically removed and started taking testosterone. Even though the testosterone caused his clitoris to enlarge (resembling a “small penis”), his female reproductive organs remain intact. Beaty claimed he knew he would want to have children someday. “It’s not a male or female desire to have a child. It’s a human desire,” he said.

Beaty and his wife, Nancy, agreed to an interview with Oprah in order to tell their side of the story, and not be exploited. The issue has received much attention and criticism since the pregnancy announcement (penned by Beaty) in the Advocate.

The couple is legally married and Beaty is recognized as a man under the law.

Somehow, this story just doesn’t have the same comedic value as the movie…

-Jillian Rios

7 Responses to “UPDATE: Pregnant Man on Oprah”

  1. 1 GP

    I think the couple showed a lot of strength in deciding to come into the spotlight with this….situation(?) Beaty is %100 percent right in saying that wanting a child is a human desire. It shouldn’t matter if it looks like a man is having a baby because in 9 months it won’t matter where the baby came from. It will still be either XX or XY and will most likely be cute seeing as how he was a former miss teen Hawaii.

    What I’d be interested in is seeing how or if the child is affected by this as he/she grows up;.

  2. 2 janey

    First of all, before I even read about this story, the media made it sound like it was an actual pregnant man, they made it sound like some crazy freakshow “worlds 1st pregnant man” kind of thing. But when I learned he was born a woman & he still has his female reproductive organs, I thought “it’s really not that big of a deal”. I mean, it’s definitely a visual “trip” to see this “man” with a preggo belly & all, but when it comes down to it, it’s a woman having a baby. All in all, more power to them for doing this especially knowing the media frenzy it would (& did) cause.

  3. 3 Wal

    1st she’s a woman, then she feels she’s a man, so she became a “he” but with “she” organs, then “he” gets married and wants to have a baby but of course couldn’t happen in a normal way (2 femal organs). So a sperm donar! I believe the line between freedom and caos has been crossed.
    Their should be rules to govern this, just as we have driving speeds limits, min. age to buy beer etc… “Freedom” doesn’t conflict with “Limits”. As long as someone’s actions could cause some harm (in any form, psychological, physical,etc..) to others, these actions should be supervised and limited. And in such a case, the comming baby might not like it, might have problems for not having a normal family.
    The comming baby has her/his rights to have a normal family and now they took her rights away from her.

  4. 4 Veronica Dempsey

    ooh shut up they are happy and he is with child let them be no one cares bout rules and limits rules are meant to be broke and where did these rules come about in your rule book shut up and get a life and stop bothering other people.

  5. 5 Holley Maxwell

    She is not a man, no matter what the media say’s. All of you are crazy as hell

  6. 6 Andi

    Suggest Wal learn to spell correctly, not that it would strengthen his/her arguments, but it would make him/her look marginally more intelligent! Just a thought.

  7. This couple is quite happy and the pregnant man or woman (however you call) is quite popular person

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