Shot Hits the Spot


gspt.jpgIf you’re bored between Guardasil shots and missing the needle, or if, like me, you believe the “g-spot,” like the “fast metabolism,” belongs to the territory of lucky bitches, perhaps you’ve considered the G-Shot. A collagen injection designed to “amplify” or “augment” the g-spot, it’s supposed to make the spot (temporarily) more sensitive and easier to find. In the words of Tristan Taormino [who does not endorse the procedure] “If you find that you or your partner cannot locate your G-spot, well, this will puff it up and make it hard to miss (imagine the locker room banter: ‘Dude, her G-spot was so big…’).”

If this kind of thing sounded at all appealing to you, brave investigative comedian Margaret Cho might have just saved you the trouble (and a couple of grand). She got the shot and blogged about it, concluding:

“it doesn’t work as any kind of aphrodisiac, but would be a good punishment for sex offenders. Now my vagina just feels like there is a gel insole in there. Like my cervix is wearing boot socks. I am totally asexual and I feel like I am sitting on a hemorrhoid donut all the time.”

One Response to “Shot Hits the Spot”

  1. I would like to point out that this post TOTALLY misrepresents that column – which, if you’ll follow the link and read the original column from 2004, was actually a critique of the procedure rather than the amusing endorsement that it appears to be from the quote above. Women are badgered into a wide variety of body modifications for the purported purpose of better “pleasing” their partners; as I stated later in that same column, “We have enough pressure to be sexually hip. Most of us already feel insecure about our bodies and our sexuality. “

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