Hide Your Tampons


Certain companies cater solutions to our most shameful moment: exposed tampons. Tampons are the ultimate deal-breaker. For example:minty freshBut inventor Marcia Leichter has a solution: some snazzy designs! Each $30 tube holds a single tampon! As Marcia puts it:

“No more embarrassing moments when your tampon flings out of your purse or is just sitting in your purse for the whole world to see!”-ML

Ms. Tube

Thanks, Marcia. I am relatively certain your cases can withstand my super-jumbos, though I’m worried about the fact I can only sheath them one at a time (since at any given day during the course of my menses, I will need at least five of these sheaths in the bowels of my purse (and they will rattle (and then everyone in lecture will laugh and call me Heavy Flow))).

Marcia’s invention can also double as a Hotflash Fan Tube. Check it out.Good thing about having hotflashes: you actually only need one tampon anyway.

—Kathleen Hale

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