Update: Maybe all child geniuses should become escorts?



Doogie Howser finished Princeton and became a doctor by the age of 14. Sufiah Yosef was on a similar path, as Playgirl reported recently. At 12, she started studying math at Oxford University, but increasing pressure from her father and unhappiness lead her to run away from home to become what any logical math nerd should become—a classy escort.

Because of constant mental abuse from her father, who is now under arrest for sexually assaulting two 15-year-olds, she dropped out of Oxford and left home. She married, divorced a year later, and became an administrative assistant. Wracking up too many credit card bills, she took up a position with a prostitute ring. Now 23, she enjoys the company of older gentlemen at about $260 an hour. During that expensive hour, Sufiah recites some sin language and algebraic equations to her customers. Mrrrow.

Now, I don’t know what happened to Doogie after the show ended, but a part of me, well more than a part, really hopes he, too, maybe became a high-paying escort?—Liz

2 Responses to “Update: Maybe all child geniuses should become escorts?”

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