Review: Editors’ An End Has a Start


An End Has a Start

It’s me, FISKUM, and I’m writing music reviews for Playgirl‘s weblog. This is pretty cool. I finally get to make use of my master’s degree in ethnomusicology. On my other blog I rant about all sorts of stuff. However, I recognize that with the, um…, exposure that comes with Playgirl, my responsibility to humanity increases.

Accordingly, I plan to use this forum only for Good. I’ll just rant about music mostly, and tell you what to listen to. I’ll never mention Lindsay or Britney or Paris or the war in Iraq. And by way of disclaimer—I am in the music biz, but don’t have a pecuniary interest in the bands I’m going to write about. I love writing songs and performing, but I also love to listen to and write about other people’s stuff.

Listen to the Editors. Buy their CD, AN END HAS A START. The vocals are reminiscent of R.E.M.; The guitar/synth work is reminiscent of early U2. Post-punk. Joy Division, very Goth with a pop strain. I like it because the chord progressions aren’t your typical pop fare. They sometimes go in unpredictable directions that still make sense, and as a result engage the listener.

Instrumental hooks, mostly guitar or synth, are direct but not terribly predictable; and have interesting, thick timbres. The texture of the music is sometimes dense and sometimes not. Sometimes they sound like a guitar band, but sometimes there is an accompaniment in the mid-ground that is dense, orchestral, and interesting to people who like to thoughtfully listen to music. The lyrics are interesting too—lots of stuff about death and loss.

The Editors are from Birmingham, UK. They formed in 2002, and consist of Tom Smith on lead vox, guitar and keys; Chris Urbanowicz on guitar and synth; Russell Leetch on bass; and Ed Lay on drums. Though all of the players take credit for the songs, it appears Tom Smith is responsible for much of the lyrics.

AN END HAS A START is the Editor’s second CD. It was released last summer, shot to to No. 1 in the UK, and I just found out about it a couple of months ago. So, I’m a little bit late with a review, but at least I didn’t go all Maxim and review it before it was released.


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3 Responses to “Review: Editors’ An End Has a Start”

  1. 1 Marion Judish

    Not only did I listen to “An End Has a Start”, I watched their video. It is very compelling not only for the afore-mentioned reasons, but simpler. Tom Smith has a good voice- he’s a great lead singer, and the whole post-punk sound lent itself very well to dance. In the video there are many punk, gothic girls in exercise garb, dancing, and that was a very interesting visual- especially as their dance/exercise, surreal moves were interspersed with members of the band as they continued playing their instruments.
    Check it out on YouTube.

  2. 2 Yasmine

    This Album was so very much saddening, because all the songs are about death.
    I loved it, and I can’t wait for their new song releases. 🙂

  1. 1 Iraq War » Review: Editors’ An End Has a Start

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