‘Shock’ing Death Ruled Deliberate


Looks like another case of “bizarre sex” gone awry.

Toby Taylor, 37, was initially charged with involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment after police found the dead body of his wife, Kirsten, 29, with electrical clamps attached to her nipples. According to court documents, he told police that his wife came home and shocked herself with an electric strip. He then put electrical tape over her mouth and shocked her several times. Taylor claims that the couple had experimented with electric shocks prior to the accident.

The York Daily Record recently reported Taylor is now being held without bail on first- and third-degree murder charges. The York County coroner concluded that the “accident” was actually a homicide and that Taylor had to know that the electro-experimenting would result in injury or death.

At the preliminary hearing, Charles T. Wertz, testified that Taylor had threatened his wife before, claiming he would make her death look like an accident, if she ever decided to leave him. Wertz took it as a joke, until he learned of Kirsten’s death.

In spite of the damning evidence and testimony, Taylor maintains his innocence: “What could possibly be worse than losing my wife?”

-Jillian Rios

2 Responses to “‘Shock’ing Death Ruled Deliberate”

  1. 1 Tanya

    Can you say Oouchhhhh!!!
    I mean cheese…. what happen to the good old “fashion gun” to shoot the damn bitch…. why did he decide to go that extent.. one word umm– Psycho!!!!

    And the real question here, is will the Jury or Judge believe Toby Taylor, is innocent…

    Like John Stossel’s says-“Give me a Break”

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