Cream, Sugar, or Cat Poo?


As if it weren’t already the most expensive city evar, London can now boast the world’s most expensive cup of coffee: priced at £50 (Read: $99). To what ingredient do Londoners with way too much money owe the pleasure of paying for a cup of coffee what one could instead pay for a decent pair of shoes? That would be cat shit (Read: cat shit.) In addition to Jamaican Blue Mountain beans, the blend uses “the exclusive Kopi Luwak bean… Kopi Luwak, or Civet coffee, is made from beans eaten, partly digested, and then expelled by the Indonesian civet cat.

We know there’s poo in art, and there’s an art to good coffee, but paying for poo in your coffee? That’s where we draw the line. Anyway, is that thing even a real cat?

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