Kevorkian’s Failed Suicide Attempt (No, Not That Kevorkian)


“Give a man enough rope and he’ll hang himself!”

Such is the almost-unbelievable case of Sevan Kevorkian, 36, who attempted to kill himself last January by means of hanging. According to police reports, Kevorkian’s girlfriend discovered him, dangling from a closet rod. She cut the rope and managed to revive him. Kevorkian was clearly upset by this and started to pull her around the room by her hair.

The scene was noticed by a passer-by, who climbed through a window and put a choke-hold on Kevorkian. Kevorkian lost consciousness, and was declared dead by officials at 11:58 p.m.

Looks like Kevorkian got what he wanted… just not in the way he wanted.

-Jillian Rios

2 Responses to “Kevorkian’s Failed Suicide Attempt (No, Not That Kevorkian)”

  1. 1 Tanya

    Well looks like everything has its time and place… and quite “FRANKLY” that was his time to die.. not when he wanted to die.. come on now we all know that Life is a Bitch… Theennnn You get a chance… by chance to die…. ahhh Tragedy,it makes everything feel more heart warmth.

  2. 2 Greg K

    Wow what pieces of crap you must be to not know the truth or whole story. I knew him and actually was at the hospital when the family decided to pull him off life support over a week after the suicide attempt. When his girlfriend cut him down he was not rational and the lose of blood oxygen to his head caused him to lash out at her. His trachea and wind pipe had been damaged/crushed to the point that the choke hold administered did the job of keeping him from regaining enough oxygen and consciousness. Charges on the man who intervened were dropped and the family asked that the police/district attorney not pick them up.

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