Does Your Face Say Ho Fo Sho?


Clive Owen is a slut.

Well, according to a new study that says people’s faces show whether they’re interested in a fling or a long-term relationship, he might be a slut. Unfortunately, I don’t have actual evidence proving it.

U.K. researchers sketched composites of college students who either indicated interest in a commitment or a fling, then asked more than 700 participants to categorize each student. Seventy-two percent of the participants were correct more than half the time, but they couldn’t pinpoint what made a student a harlot or a spinster.

The study did show that males with square jaws, prominent eyebrows and nose, and smaller eyes, like Clive Owen, tended to be sleazier, whereas males with softer facial features, like Matthew Fox, were more likely to settle down. For females, no specific facial features indicated “slut” or “prude,” but the more attractive girls tended to be more promiscuous.

Surprisingly, or really more unsurprisingly, the study also found that women are attracted to men who look like they’d be interested in a long-term relationship, while men are more interested in women whose faces scream “one-night stand.”—Liz Nadybal

One Response to “Does Your Face Say Ho Fo Sho?”

  1. this merely proves that people have devolved into hyper-stupid creatures. Dr.Freud would’ve called this line of bullocks “PROJECTION” — L Ron Hubbard would call it Engrammic malfunctioning. It this all there is? Lets break out the booze and have a dance ….

    FX xoxo

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