Notorious Subway Pelvis Grinder May Receive Life Sentence


The 53rd time’s the charm for Freddie Johnson – that is if charm means life in prison.

After his release from prison in late March, Johnson was arrested for grinding up on a woman on a subway. He’s already a rap-sheet all-star with 30 sexual-abuse, 13 jostling, and two grand-larceny arrests. Branded by the district attorney as a “recidivist transit grinder,” Johnson may be awarded with life in prison this time.

According to Elizabeth Jeglic, a professor of treatment and rehabilitation of offenders at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, exhibitionists have the highest tendency to repeat offenses. With this evidence in hand, the judge correctly decided to not confine Johnson, but to release him under electronic monitoring and court-ordered supervision.

Johnson’s victims aren’t alone. In a survey conducted last year, 63 percent of New York subway riders have been randomly groped, received vulgar comments and/or unsolicited advances.

– Liz Nadybal

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