Ex-Nanny Speaks Out on Lowe


As most of the country knows, Rob Lowe‘s former nanny, Jessica Gibson, has accused him of sexually harassing her for almost three years. According to legal papers, the former brat-packer exposed himself and forced his hands into Gibson’s pants. She also claims that his wife, Sheryl, walked around the house nude, while making sexually explicit comments about male genitalia.

Gibson appeared on NBC’s “Today” show yesterday morning, with attorney Gloria Allred by her side. Meredith Vieira asked why she withstood the abuse for so many years. She timidly answered, “I stayed as long as I did because of the children and because I needed a job”. When asked about the e-mail she sent to the Lowes (claiming she had nothing bad to say about the family, and that she was thankful for the opportunity), Allred piped in and said that the e-mail would have to be discussed in the courtroom. Most of the questions were fielded by Allred, who also refused to discuss the details of the allegations.

The Lowes have denied these allegations. According to them, Gibson left the position twice before, only to ask for her job back. She also demanded $1.5 million in exchange for her silence on sexual-abuse accusations.

At this point, both stories have been unfounded.

This Side of the Truth“, Lowe’s next movie, is in pre-production. Could he possibly be living up to the film’s name?

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