Forget Me Not, Jason Segel


Jason Segal Shows SkinI am kinda in love with Jason Segel. Our relationship began with his Bonzo-obssesed, every-boy-I-dated-in-highschool character, Nick, in “Freaks and Geeks“, and has now been cemented with his apparent willingness to show skin onscreen in the new movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall. While I won’t be running out to see that cringe-fest chick flick, you can bet your ass (or, in this case, Jason Segel’s ass) that we here at Playgirl will be featuring it prominently in an upcoming Celeb Nudes section (possibly with Seth Rogan from Knocked Up for a little “Freaks and Geeks” reunion).

Until that time, I would also like to extend an invitation for Jason to serenade me with “Lady L” anytime he wants. Seriously.


One Response to “Forget Me Not, Jason Segel”

  1. 1 kenya

    You will need the fold out section to feature him. As a NY soulsista,I was impressed.

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