Durex(?) Daredevil


Gutsy (possibly suicidal?) veteran bungee jumper Carl Dionisio took a plunge recently in South Africa on rope he made himself—out of condoms. The 37-year-old spent four months tying 18,500 condoms together by hand to construct the 30 meter rope. “It was difficult as the condoms are slippery. When we tied knots they would just slip out,” he said. Um, YEAH, exactly why you wouldn’t catch me dangling off a bridge by one. They also sometimes break. But, fortunately, none of these did. “Latex is latex. But the cord was based on a mathematical formula and although I was 99 per cent sure that it would work, my stomach was in a knot for a month before the jump.” While this would have made an awesome condom advertising campaign and is, in a way, kind of reassuring, it brings to mind something a friend once said upon finding expired Wet ‘n Wilds in the bargain bin at the dollar store: “Some things you just don’t want to fuck with.”

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