Playing Favorites with Ta-Tas


Separating “the twins” is a cruel act of the North Carolina Appellate Court? In this 2-1 ruling, a woman was only rewarded one breast implant replacement after both were damaged in an on-the-job car accident, the Associated Press reported.

Penny M. Rumple Richardson (yes; real name!) claims the accident caused rippling and decreased the size of both implants. Even though only her right implant ruptured, Richardson’s plastic surgeon replaced the left as well. He later testified that the left implant was just under-filled.

This was the first case in North Carolina to offer worker’s compensation for damaged breast implants, citing that the implants are “a prosthetic device that functions as part of the body.” Hot damn.

—Liz Nadybal

One Response to “Playing Favorites with Ta-Tas”

  1. 1 jlksgfbvetrhg

    The court didn’t favor their decission because of her breasts. Also there isn’t anything funny about her name so shut up!

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