Smell this Chick! Playgirl Chats with Riskay


When Florida rapper Riskay “The Drama Queen” burst onto our radar last fall with her crass anthem to confronting a cheating man, we were smitten. “Smell Yo Dick” became an Internet sensation; and while the song provokes giggles, Riskay (who will only say she’s “old enough to say the things that I say”) isn’t kidding around. Six months later not only has she signed a record deal and quit her day job, she’s at work on a documentary about people who have found inspiration and motivation “to get over a bad relationship and find self-value in themselves.” A radio-friendly cut of her song (“Smell that Chic”) is getting airtime and this week an official video for “Smell Yo Dick” hit YouTube.

Yesterday Riskay took a break from setting up her new house in Winter Haven, Fla., to let us chat her up on IM about the story behind her best known song, how her co-workers at the Florida DOT reacted when they found out about her rap career, her affinity for the Jack Rabbit, and why she doesn’t candy-coat her message.

Playgirl: Congrats on the video for “Smell Yo Dick”! Was that your first video? How did it come about?

Riskay: Yes it was. My record label found Eric Kline, a director from Ft. Lauderdale, to shoot the video.
Playgirl: What was that process like? Did you have a hand in the concept at all?
Riskay: The director came up with the storyboard but I was able to meet with him and change a couple things to my liking.
Playgirl: That song blew you up all at once, what has that been like?
Riskay: It’s been a roller coaster ride. When I released the song in October I got a good response from it. But it wasn’t until after Perez Hilton posted the song on his Web site that everything exploded. It’s been very exciting because it has opened so many doors for me right now and I have gained fans from all kind of backgrounds, which I love a lot.
Playgirl: Is there one experience that’s been your favorite?
Riskay: Going to Texas and performing and Perez Hilton’s “One Night In Austin” for the SWSW week. That was exciting and different. I performed after Pharrell’s group.
Playgirl: So are you a full-time rapper now? I read that until recently you were working as a designer of software manuals?
Riskay: Yes I am. I was working for the Florida Department of Transportation, but my life has gotten so busy with the success of the song.
Playgirl: Did your co-workers know about your musical career before the song came out?
Riskay: No they didn’t. One of my co-workers visits Perez’s Web site daily. She saw my pic on there and told everyone at work. Everyone was shocked but amazed at the same time.
Playgirl: Haha. I bet! Did they get over it and get into the song?
Riskay: Yes they did, they actually love it. My last week many of my co-workers heard it on one of the top 40 radio stations in Tampa.
Playgirl: You’re probably sick to death of answering questions about it, but what is the story behind that song?
Riskay: Lol, no I’m not sick of it. Well the story is I was involved with a guy a few years back that was cheating on me. He would leave the house when I fell a sleep to go out. So one night when he came home I cursed him out and demanded that he let me smell his dick. Of course he was refusing but after several threats he did it. And yes he was cheating, it smelt like condoms.
Playgirl: Did you totally flip out on him?
Riskay: Of course! Went upside his head and threw his stuff out the door. I told him to get out he refused so I called the police and they escorted him from my house.
Playgirl: Woah… People probably tend to be shocked at first by the idea of smelling somebody’s dick—but really it’s a simple, pragmatic response, right? It’s about putting your foot down and finding out how it is. Have you found that women respond to that part of the song’s message?
Riskay: Yes people have issues and say that it’s nasty but truth is anyone male or female that has oral sex with their partner or someone else’s partner smells their sex organs first to see if they want to go there. But yes many females have thanked me for making this song because this is something they have thought about doing, but never did for fear of how they would be looked at.
Playgirl: And you’re making a documentary about the topic?
Riskay: Yes I am it’s called Drama Diary which is also the title of my album, which will have many real life situation songs that I have gone through.
Playgirl: So that project is a way to let women share their stories?
Riskay: Yes it is. I am accepting stories from women who have gone through ruff relationships whether it’s abusive or they have been cheated on or maybe just emotionally abused. And what I’m doing is picking many of those stories and I’m going to meet with these women to share their stories with me during a pampering session just for them. I love my fans and I feel for a lot of women who are mistreated and they don’t know what to do or where to go. So I feel that this is something I can do to give guidance to many women who are looking for it, but is sick of the way that it is given on a candy-coated way.
Playgirl: What other projects do you have in the works? You’ve been signed and you’re working on an album.
Riskay: Yes I signed 2 single deals for “Smell Yo Dick” and I’m working on my album right now. I just came back from L.A., meeting with TV networks about me possibly getting my own talk show or doing a TV documentary show which shows my progress in the music business and the things that I have to deal with on the regular. They are interested in seeing a small time person like myself go from nothing to something.
Playgirl: What is a day in your life like these days?
Riskay: I’m doing interviews with radio stations, appearances at clubs, talking to my fans on Myspace, promoting that my song is now on iTunes & ringtones, trying to workout, writing and recording my album. That’s just the basics of it.
Playgirl: Since you have such practical advice for keeping track of where your man’s been, do you have any other tricks for the bedroom?
Riskay: Yea there’s nothing wrong with bringing toys to the party. A lot of men don’t like it because they feel less than a man, but once they try it they will love it.
Playgirl: Do you have any recommendations?
Riskay: My favorites are the silver bullet and Jack Rabbit.
Playgirl: Any final words of wisdom for Playgirls out there?
Riskay: The truth is all men are capable of cheating and they will, but it’s up to you how you deal with it. If you want a fuck friend there’s nothing wrong with it. If you want a real relationship then that’s cool just make sure if they suspect that their man is cheating then do something even if it means smelling his dick. It’s yours so you have grounds to do so. Stay up with me and my music, because this Playgirl always keeping coming back for more.

Riskay on MySpace

Riskay’s Drama Diaries Project

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