Let Me Name Yo Dick


Know a dude with the habit of referring to his dick by a proper name, as if it’s a sentient being? Well, it was only a matter of time before such dudes reached critical mass and got an e-commerce opportunity of their own. Enter the one and only NameYourWang.com: capitalizing on his secret insecurity that somebody else’s dick might share the same name as his dick—and how uncool and just kinda gay would that be!?

For a mere $17, including shipping and handling, you can formally register the name you call your special friend (as long as it’s not profane!) and receive an official certificate. Which, one would suppose, you could then mount, frame and hang somewhere prominent, like in your mother’s foyer. Act fast! At press time, “Bob,” “Charlie,” “Monique,” and “Mister Happy” were inexplicably all still available. [via Thrillist]

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