Latest Trends in Fashion Surgeries


Breast implants and thigh liposuction are out, toe-shortening and labia-reduction are in.

These days, more and more women are getting these unusual cosmetic procedures. According to David Alessi, M.D., of Beverly Hills, it is becoming common for women to request surgeries like ankle lipo.

Not a lot surprises this plastic surgeon, but he admitted to being a bit shocked when he received a most peculiar request from a young woman. “When I asked what she was here to see me about, she said, ‘I want to have my belly button removed.’ Completely removed,” said Dr. Alessi. Did he follow through on the removal? Dr. Alessi says he refused. “I often tell patients, as gently as I can, that they need to see a psychiatrist first, not a surgeon,” he said.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is another procedure rising in popularity. It consists of taking the fat from your waist or thighs, and placing them into your butt. The name comes from the appeal of the smaller bust and waist, and bigger booty, that you often see on Brazilian women. The allure far outweighs the actual results, according to Lorena, 37. After getting her rear pumped up, she suffered from lumps and open sores that eventually turned into an infection. “I had to have a large chunk of my right butt cheek removed,” she said. “I would tell any woman considering the procedure: Don’t do it! It’s not worth the risks.”

What’s the best option? Exercise! You can get the results you want with some good ol’ shapin’ up. Cardio for losing weight, lifting and strength training for building muscle, and squats for perking up the derriere. Not a fan of exercising? Try padded butt skivvies or Spanx, for a slimmed-down effect.

Either way, just weigh all the alternatives before you decide to get the fat sucked out of your shoulders.

-Jillian Rios

2 Responses to “Latest Trends in Fashion Surgeries”

  1. 1 Janey

    belly button removal & ankle lipo ? SERIOUSLY………….

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